Programme 2022

  • 7 janvier
    Diner de fin d’année du Club
  • 29 janvier
    Coupe de ski
  • Mars
    Finlande (Circuit glace et activités)
  • 20 mai au 22 mai
    Roadtrip en Bourgogne

    Membre d’honneur

    Craig Pollock

    I left Scotland in the summer of 1981 to become the Director of Sport at the International College “Beau Soleil” in Villars sur Ollon Switzerland. It was at this school where he had first contact with Jacques Villeneuve. I was head hunted by Masaru Unno, the trusted right hand of Soichiro Honda to become manager then Managing Director of Technovel S.A. (Interhoba Management SA) the holders of certain rights interlinked with Honda’s Suzuka Circuit.

    Jacques Villeneuve was invited to the Japanese GP by a Japanese Photographer (fan of his late father) to attend an event during the race weekend. I was attending on Honda related business. The meeting at the circuit led to 3 meetings in Switzerland when Jacques Villeneuve was pursuing the possibility of me managing his career. A mutual agreement was found and CP’s first initiative was to negotiate with Toyota Team Tom’s in Japan and move Jacques Villeneuve to Tokyo where he could have the chance to work on his pure talent as a driver. (1992). During this year Craig had contact with a certain Jean-Claude Torchia (Brand manager of Players) working for Imperial Tobacco in Montreal to negotiate JV driving in the Formula Atlantic race at Trois Riviers in Quebec. This opened the door for me to commence negotiations for Villeneuve’s future career in the Formula Atlantic and Indy Car. A 3 year deal was signed.
    In 1993 Villeneuve raced in Formula Atlantic the Indy Car in 1994 and 1995. After winning at Road America (Elkhart lake) in his rookie season Villeneuve won the Indy car championship and prestigious Indianapolis 500 in 1995.
    CP used this winning streak to negotiate Villeneuve’s entry into F1 with the Williams F1 team where he won the championship in his second year (1997).

    During Villeneuve’s final year in Indy Car, I had been working in the background to set up a new Formula One Team. I convinced Adrian Reynard that he could get the funding. Reynard agreed to join his ranks but with the caveat that I would have to sign the engine supply (Renault – Supertec) , driver (Villeneuve) and funding (BAT who had just concluded the deal to purchase Imperial Tobacco).

    I convinced BAT to invest and negotiated the joint venture “British American Racing Ltd”. (BAR F1 Team)

    In 1998 BAR purchased the Tyrrell F1 team and ended up running the team during the 1998 F1 season whilst building BAR from a Greenfield site.

    I convinced Honda to join BAR as there works engine supplier in 2000 and lumped from last in the championship in 1999 to 4th equal with Benneton in 2000.

    I managed Villeneuve through the end of his Formula career negotiating agreements with Benneton and Sauber.

    2002 was the last year in Formula One as an owner/shareholder of BAR Honda.

    2003 I purchased the remnants of PacWest Indy car team with Kevin Kalkhoven creating the “PK Racing Team” entering the 2003 American CART series (the renamed Indy Car Championship)

    Knowing that there would be a drastic but logical change in engine specifications for Formula One in 2014 I created the PURE Corporation SA  with the aim of becoming the future independent Power unit Supplier to the sport. I was the sole investor.

    Craig and Megeve………..this is a short version of why Megeve and the Automobile Club Megeve!

    My future wife “Belinda”, who worked for my management company (Stellar Management Ltd), helped negotiate an endorsement for Jacques Villeneuve with the Bolle brand and Patricia Bolle who became a friend, invited us to Megeve for a weekend in her chalet. The long and the short of this story is that Patricia instigated both a divorce and a marriage as my Megeve experience was the catalyst leading to both events. There were many twists and turns in-between!

    Our friendship has lasted since the late 1990’s and Megeve is our true meeting place keeping this long standing friendship healthy.

    I could not have a love for the sport of F1 without having the love of cars….Megeve Automobile Club here I come!

    The future…………..TBD